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Bortnikoff Sans Fleurs-50ml Fragrance

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Bortnikoff Sans Fleurs-50ml Fragrance
  • Brand: Bortnikoff
  • Fragrance: Bortnikoff Sans Fleurs 50ml
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Fragrance Details

Class: Oud, Woody, Vanilla, Rum, Soft Spicy, Balsamic, Amber, Fresh Spicy, Sweet
Top: Rum, Vanilla
Middle: Ambergris, Amyris, Fennel
Base: Wild Vietnamese Oud (steam distilled), Indian Bouya, Indonesian Crocodile Wood

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Olfactory description

This opulent and inspiring scent conjures images of exotic lands and ancient cultures with its captivating tapestry of mysterious tones.

Sans Fleurs is a bold and unapologetic scent which harnesses the enigmatic and magical power of oud and surrounds it with a melange of spicy and sweet complimentary accords. The fragrance name means “without flowers” and this creation dispenses with the well know oud/floral combination in favor of captivating and dark balsamic and woody tones.

Opening with a luxuriant blast of rum and vanilla, this Extrait de Parfum is tempting and seductive and at the same time mystifying and intriguing. The heart notes of subtly animalic ambergris, warming amyris and spicy fennel give depth and complexity. In the base, wild Vietnamese oud and Indian Bouya provide the intoxicating essence of this composition.

In contrast to other Bortnikoff perfumes, which use delicate and airy floral tones as a counter point to the heaviness of oud, here perfumer Dmirty Bortnikoff has allowed the untrammeled potency of rare and precious oud tinctures to shine through. The boozy and sweet opening makes for the perfect partner to these ingredients and ensures that this scent will have an unforgettable effect on those who experience it.

The high concentration of perfume oil means that this is a magnetic and tenacious perfume which true connoisseurs will appreciate and return to again and again. Those who have loved the many other beautiful oud perfumes in our range may find this to be amongst our most enchanting and definitive creations.