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Introducing "Single Wear Fragrance" Sample Packet!

I'm happy to introduce a very affordable way to just get a 'Sniff 'of a fragrance without spending a lot of money. This is a very good option for the more expensive fragrances.

Sometimes we just want to see what all the fuss is over a fragrance but it's so hard to spend our hard earned money on 1ml or 2ml samples just to find out you don't like it.

If you end up liking it and want to buy a full bottle then I'll refund what you paid for this Single Wear packet. A win-win situation.

Newest Arrivals that's sure to Please!

With my "try before you buy" program you can purchase
Areej Le Dore, Bortnikoff, Meleg, PRIN, Parfum Prissana or Strangers Parfumerie 2ml Samples
then when you purchase a full bottle I will refund your original sample price!

Try samples today!