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Bortnikoff L'Heure Exquise-50ml Fragrance

Bortnikoff L'Heure Exquise-50ml image
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Bortnikoff L'Heure Exquise-50ml Fragrance
  • Brand: Bortnikoff
  • Fragrance: Bortnikoff L'Heure Exquise 50ml
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Fragrance Details

Class: Amber, Warm Spicy, Floral, Sweet, Balsamic, Cacao, Powdery, Woody, White Floral, Oud
Top: Bergamot, Neroli, Cardamom
Middle: Champaca, Champaca leaf, Jasmine sambac, Attar motia (indian jasmine), Cedar, Cacao, Clove, Camphor, Nagarmotha, Myrrh
Base: Vietnamese oud roots, Indonesian oud, Styrax, Tolu balsam, Ambergris

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Olfactory Description

Spring in Paris has almost become summer today. The shades of evening begin to descend. You sit in a cafe in the city center and look at the Seine. The sun goes down and the colors of the day mix with the purple sky. The familiar outlines of objects are faded by pastel tones, your eyes rest, and your feelings become stronger. The waiter brings you a cup of cocoa and a dessert. Dusky air cools your face and you feel the richness of scents brighter than ever before: the beverage, the food and a bouquet of flowers nearby. It is L’heure Exquise. The fragrance starts with a soft mix of Cardamom and Citruses. In a moment you get into a whirlpool of spicy notes of Cocoa, Clove and Myrrh. The heart of the fragrance beats with floral notes of exotic Champaca and Jasmine. Indonesian and Vietnamese Oud, Tolu Balsam and delicate White Amber are warming the beautiful base of the fragrance.