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Bortnikoff Cologne Celeste-50ml Fragrance

Bortnikoff Cologne Celeste-50ml Fragrances - New With Box, Bortnikoff Bottles, All Fragrances image
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Bortnikoff Cologne Celeste-50ml Fragrance
  • Brand: Bortnikoff
  • Fragrance: Bortnikoff Cologne Celeste-50ml
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Fragrance Details

Class: Citrus, Woody Aromatic
Top: Lemon, Litseya Cubeba, Cedrat, Pink Grapefruit
Middle: Red Mandarin, Blood Orange, Damask Rose, Rose Petals, Beeswax
Base: Cedar, Sandalwood, Pine Tree, Oakmoss
Olfactory Description:

The fragrance opens with a refreshing combination of lemon, сedrat and litseya cubeba, which gives the start of the composition a gentle honey aspect, which gradually dissolves into the fragrance of a noble rose. A delicate and fresh Damask rose blooms in the heart of the composition, which has a refined green profile. In ancient times, the rose symbolized the gift of heaven: its complex multifaceted fragrance and the exquisite beauty of its velvet petals has always fascinated people and lifted their feelings to heaven. The base of the fragrance is composed of soft creamy sandalwood, noble cedar and fragrant pine - its refreshing profile gives volume and lightness to the whole composition

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