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Prin Varuek Samples Fragrance

Prin Varuek Samples image
Prin Varuek Samples image
Prin Varuek Samples image
Prin Varuek Samples image
Prin Varuek Samples Fragrance
  • Brand: PRIN
  • Fragrance: PRIN Varuek

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* One Free Sample, Either Unisex or Womans. Good for 1ml-10ml ONLY

Fragrance Details

Notes:  Black Pepper, Labdanum, Thai Oud, Myrrh, Animal Fur accord *, Beeswax, Cinnamon, Leather, Amber, Jatamansi, Castoreum *, Bay Leaf, Frankincense, Pine Tar, Patchouli, Moss, Teakwood, Coffee Absolute


Class: Amber, Animalic, Earthy, Fresh Spicy, Leather, Musky, Oud, Smoky, Warm Spicy, Woody

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

In Thai Varuek derived from Sanskrit. It should write as วฤก but It intentionally incorrect spelling to วฤค  same pronunciation.
**Varuek means Wolf in Thai derive from Sanskrit **

Based on Nomadism in Mongolia. Symbolic of the wolf in Mongolian culture and photograph of Hamid Sardar-Afkhami’s Dark Heavens.