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Prin LOUP 30ml Fragrance

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Prin LOUP 30ml Fragrance
  • Brand: PRIN
  • Fragrance: Prin LOUP 30ml

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Laos Oud , Malaysia Oud, Hay Absolute , Tobacco Absolute , Gurjan Balsam, Lavender Absolute, Himalayan Amber Fossil  , Thai Oud , *Castoreum Absolute, Patchouli , Amyris , Cumin Seed, Labdanum, Clove , Black Pepper , Jasmine Absolute, Benzoin , Camphor

* Contains Animal Product

Perfumer: Prin Lomros


Story of a lone wolf wandering in the wild under the full moon at the end of the world.Smoky spicy animalic amber and oud.In the depths of desolate land, where civilization had long vanished and nature reigned supreme, there roamed a lone wolf. Its silvery fur shimmered under the pale glow of the full moon, casting an ethereal radiance upon the barren landscape. This magnificent creature had chosen a life of solitude, venturing deep into the wilderness that stretched to the ends of the world.As the night descended, the air grew heavy with a mystical aura, and the scent of smoky spices permeated the atmosphere.