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Prin Anatolia Anatolia-Samples Fragrance

Prin Anatolia Anatolia-Samples Samples, All Fragrances image
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Prin Anatolia Anatolia-Samples Fragrance
  • Brand: PRIN
  • Fragrance: PRIN Anatolia Anatolia Samples

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Class: Amber, Animalic, Cinnamon, Fruity, Honey, Leather, Oud, Smoky, Sweet, Warm Spicy
Notes: Thai Oud, Indian oud, Leather, Loukoum, Suede, Dates, Honey, Incense, Cacao Powder, Amber, Apple, Cinnamon, Cumin Seed, Patchouli

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

Base on the same formula as “Anatolia extrait de parfum” with double concentration from the original (49% concentration)

Adding more natural oud oil from two sources(Thailand and India)

This is an extreme concentration of exotic olfactive journey to ancient times.

Same story, Different result.