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Parfum Prissana Mohragot 30ml Fragrance

Parfum Prissana Mohragot 30ml Fragrances - New With Box, All Fragrances, Prin Bottles image
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Parfum Prissana Mohragot 30ml Fragrance

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Fragrance Details

Class: Woody, Amber, Warm Spicy, Aromatic, Earthy, Balsamic, Floral, Sweet, Tropical, Fresh Spicy
Notes: Betel Leaf, Chalood bark, Pandan Leaf, Lime, Jasmine Sambac, Marigold, Frangipani, Canaga, Incense, Myrrh, Benzoin Siam, Clove, Rosewood, Cinnamon, Oud from Thailand, Sandalwood, Vetiver from Thailand, Oakmoss

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

Mohragot (Emerald) is an aromatic green spicy floral built around betel leaves (and their spicy green and earthy character) and pandan leaves (creamy green) with a nod to the classic fougere structure.

Emerald from ancient forest.