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Strangers Parfumerie Plunge 30ml Fragrance

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Strangers Parfumerie Plunge 30ml Fragrance

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Class: Floral, Fruity, Aldehydic, Warm Spicy, Fresh, Aromatic, Sweet, Rose, Woody, Mossy
Notes: Amber, Aldehyde, Lilac, Marjoram, Plum, Orris, Bergamot, Rosewood, Jasmine, Narcissus, Damask Rose, Carnation, Coriander, Tobacco, Labdanum, Moss, Patchouli, Lily Of the Valley, Benzoin, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Peach

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

Fragrance and memories

The past and future

“Plunge” is a my personal fragrance made for the trip to Berlin and France in 2016 describing the very moment I decided to “Plunge” myself and move forward to the future.

“Plunge” is centered around strong heady Rose petals: Green fresh and pink blossom. Strikingly with dark and light elements.

Base on Chypre structure top with zesty green bergamot contrasting with aromatic Marjoram, sparkling aldehyde and fruity notes (Plum and Peach)

A radiant rose reveal, although this is none typical stereotype rose which is representing femininity but instead combines with the opposing masculine elements rich and strong smoky tobacco woody amber base blended animalic notes.
“Plunge” may be enigmatic interpretation of rose crossing between the classic and avant garde type.

An ode to the past and future.