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Prin Ganja Kasturi 30ml Fragrance

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Prin Ganja Kasturi 30ml Fragrance
  • Brand: PRIN
  • Fragrance: PRIN Ganja Kasturi

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Class: Aldehydic, Animalic, Aromatic, Cannabis, Fresh, Green, Herbal, Musky, Smoky, White Floral
Notes: Cannabis accord, Animalic Musk**, Patchouli, Camphor, Aldehyde, Black Spruce, Hay Absolute, Patchouli, Tuberose, Coriander, Cumin Seed, Civet, Oakmoss, Ambrette seed, Beeswax, Incense, Grass, Tobacco,. Allspice, Melati, Black Tea

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

From London to Istanbul. From Kandahar going south Goa or up further north to Kathmandu. Some may end up in Bangkok or Penang.

Ganja Kasturi base on a journey of the Hippie trail from late the 60’s to 70’s base on surrounding cultures, geography, Pilgrimage, and the 70’s music.