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Prin Mongolian Mriga-Samples Fragrance

Prin Mongolian Mriga Samples, All Fragrances image
Prin Mongolian Mriga-Samples Fragrance
  • Brand: PRIN
  • Fragrance: PRIN Mongolian Mriga Samples

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Woody, Aromatic, Oud, Musky, Fresh Spicy, Green, Powdery, Balsamic, Earthy

Notes:Yuzu, Wild Burmese Oud from Myitkyina, Orris Butter, Choya Ral Absolute, Fir Balsam, Black Hemlock Absolute, Vetiver, Sugandha Kokila, Clary Sage Absolute, Oakmoss, Galbanum, Pine tar, Jatamansi, Jasmine , Absolute, Rose Absolute, Cinnamon, Cumin Seed, Costus, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Pine Needle

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

Interpretation of “Mriga” instead of deer musk accord from the original replaced with Deer
musk pod from Mongolia.Not only natural deer musk that different from original formula.
Precious wild oud from Myitkyinam,Myanmar, Yuzu oil, Chota Raw absolute , Clary sage
absolute etc. are added to provide the different interpretation of the original Mriga.
The result , Mongolian Mriga is raw savage and wild as original habitat of Deer musk.

This is limited release and one time batch only and the Wild Burmese oud is no longer

May contain small sediment of deer musk pod.