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Bortnikoff Sir Winston-Samples Fragrance

Bortnikoff Sir Winston-Samples image
Bortnikoff Sir Winston-Samples Fragrance
  • Brand: Bortnikoff
  • Fragrance: Bortnikoff Sir Winston Samples

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* One Free Sample, Either Unisex or Womans. Good for 1ml-10ml ONLY

Fragrance Details

Class: Tuberose, Tobacco, White Floral, Green, Animalic, Amber, Oud, Sweet, Vanilla, Fresh
Top: Green Tea
Middle: Tuberose, Ambergris
Base: Tobacco Absolute, Vanilla, Indonesian Bouya

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Olfactory Description

Sir Winston is a tribute to a man of indomitable determination and resourcefulness. This rich and complex fragrance is as fascinating and multi faceted as the man who inspired it. Power, strength and confidence mingle with refinement and sophistication in a fragrance which defies categorisation in terms of genre or gender.

The delicate and exquisite scent of green tea opens the composition and is perfectly supported by the floral accord of tuberose. Rare and precious real ambergris sits at the heart of the fragrance and is underpinned by the beautifully rich tobacco note. Sweet vanilla and potent, dark Indonesian Bouya oud complete the base notes of this opulent and sensuous perfume.

The gentrified aura of the English aristocracy is conveyed through the tobacco accord, representing fine cigars and luxury. There is a hint of booze and an undertone of decadence running throughout the fragrance, with a veil of sweet vanilla proving the perfect partner to the subtly animalic oud.

Imagine yourself entering a world of tradition and decorum where high living is the norm and where only the finest will do.

Sir Winston utilizes rare and precious ingredients that cannot be found in ordinary perfumes. Real ambergris provides a powerful and unique quality to the fragrance whilst the Indonesian oud gives an exotic complexity which is hard to imitate.

Sir Winston is a highly concentrated Extrait de Parfum which has tremendous longevity and passes through many enticing stages of development which will delight all those who experience the beauty of this scent.