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About Me | Niche, Indie and Designer Fragrances

Hello, thanks for visiting my Website.

I'm a fellow fragrance enthusiast just like you and I love passing on these great fragrances at affordable prices.

I'm a Proud Authorized Reseller of Areej Le Dore and Bortnikoff Fragrances. I'm looking to add a few more Indie or Niche brands
so stay tuned.

I also offer new unopened boxed, open boxed fragrances and 95% Full used fragrances along with DECANTS! We all need decants
in order to try before you spend your hard earned money on a full bottle just to find out you hate the fragrance - Ouch!

I guarantee everything is 100% Authentic and the real deal!

Shop with confidence and remember: I ALWAYS take care of my customers, I'm honest, fair and trustworthy.

Don't forget about my free fragrance sample program:
I offer a free fragrance matching the size you purchase up to 10ml so you get 20ml or if you buy 5ml you get 10ml total!

Thank you and if you any any questions I'm always available to help you.

Just for fun: A little background on who I am other that a fragrance enthusiast! Are you interested in 60 and 70's muscle cars! Well I used to collect, restore, paint and drag race as a hobby. Here's my site :