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Anonim Parfums


Black Ambergris Extrait

Anonim Black Ambergris with 1ml, 3,ml, 5ml, 10ml and 15ml Decanters from
Anonim Black Ambergris
140.00 BUY

Dark chocolate, incense, black ambergris, resins and balsams

From the House:

Those who have experienced Black Ambergris attest that the perfumer has flawlessly evoked a “lounge ambience” in this work:
warm, lingering night, enveloping incense smoke, tranquil serenity, elegant cocktails, chocolate delicacies, flowing conversation…

Golden Ambergris Extrait

Anonim Goldem Ambergris with 1ml, 3,ml, 5ml, 10ml and 15ml Decanters from
Anonim Golden Amergris
180.00 BUY

Leather, orris, sandalwood, spices and white/ gold ambergris

From the House:

Here we have a very provocative aroma with a distinctive accent of powerful animal magnetism; a concoction of scents that is reminiscent of exclusive leather goods. Golden Ambergris flatters strong, confident and enigmatic personalities enjoying luxurious surroundings (the very clientele for which it was created).

Silver Ambergris Extrait

Anonim Silver Ambergris with 1ml, 3,ml, 5ml, 10ml and 15ml Decanters from
Anonim Silver Ambergris
160 BUY

Tropical flowers and spicy citruses, silver ambergris, woods and moss

From the House:

This perfume captures the atmosphere of a deserted island gleaming in the sparkling mist of warm ocean waters heated by the mid-day sun. Revealed upon approach is an enchanted landscape: a whole isle covered with dense, emerald green, fantastically-shaped, entangled trees, their crowns sprinkled with flowers that fill the air with an intoxicating, mystic blossom bouquet.
Why Anonim...

A well-known perfumer launched the new brand Anonim, daring himself to remain anonymous and challenging his audience to perceive the aromatic creations as they are, free from any bias or comparisons to his previous works. He encourages those experiencing his newest olfactory creations to enjoy and appraise them solely on their own merits. Is it possible to allow oneself to be absorbed by the beauty and nuances of a scent without knowing the identity of the designer? Do you want to find out? Let’s don our masks and play this lovely game together.

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